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The bullying you learn in middle school is only beneficial for bullying other middle schoolers.” 7.

Your instincts will tell you when your student is ready to move on. Can I remove just one of my children from public school? a) Teaching more than one child is actually less work than shuttling several students back and forth all day to various activities in multiple locations. a) Let older kids start the day with their favorite subjects that require the least help from you, allowing you to get a younger one started.

b) Sibling bonding is just as valuable as parent-child bonding (see #2a-b above). b) Kids don’t all have to be doing schoolwork at the same time.

” These responses can all be summed up by a conversation my son had with his driver’s education teacher, a high school track coach who had worked with both public-schooled and homeschooled students.

The coach was concerned that homeschooled students were ahead in some areas and behind in others.

We just sit on the couch all day, staring at the wall.” 19. “With our large family, I usually say, ‘If you come down to breakfast in this house, you’re socializing! “I’ve seen the village, and I don’t want it socializing my children! the average home-schooled child has no problem ‘socializing’ with other children…

“New studies show that, contrary to popular mythology…

I told my kids that if they got stuck they should try to figure it out themselves first, then ask their sibling for help or come find me at whatever chore I was doing.