Start Backend dating

Backend dating

In the back end all your customers have traveled through your front end, sampled your free materials, purchased an entry level product or service (or several) and have enjoyed significant value from what you offer, so much so, that they are eager to buy more from you.

Do you think they would chose to promote your products over those of your competitors?

How many people buy your entry level products and then go on to buy higher priced products in the back end.

Once again, the back end proves reliable and predictable and this is the main reason for establishing a back end in the first place.

While front end products might cost under $100, back end products are usually priced in the several hundreds or thousands.

There is no strict formula for pricing a back end product, or a front end product for that matter, but in nearly all cases the profit margin is significant at the back end.

The only reason they can do this is because they know the numbers.

They know that a certain percentage of ebook buyers go on to buy higher priced products and what percentage go all the way through the back end, buying the big margin products like boot camp attendance and private coaching.

If they didn’t have a stable and consistent back end, they could not afford to make a loss on the front end.