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Bicycle frame updating

The caster wheel frame is then attached over the caster wheel and turns around the caster wheel (much in the manner it was originally designed) and allows the trailer to turn left and right freely. It consists of two 2" swivel casters that are bolted with half inch long 1/4" bolts and lock nuts to the outside faces of a right angle Simpson construction connector.

We review our findings and improve wherever and whenever necessary to make high performance wooden bicycle frames. This is just one of 5 equally tortuous protocols testing a frame in every aspect of endurance and loading it will probably never see in use, but nevertheless demonstrating the strength of Renovo frames.

This video shows a Glenmoranige Original frame undergoing the 'Fatigue With Pedaling Forces' test, requiring a minimum of 100,000 cycles to meet European ISO 4210-6 and U.

This Instructable will demonstrate how to build a coupler that can be used with a variety of bicycle trailers that will turn and rotate in all possible directions: up and down, side to side, and rotate to allow the trailer to "tip" from side to side during travel.

In order to move the pivot point between the bicycle and the trailer to a point where it would allow the trailer to turn from side to side as far as possible, I attached a 3/4" X 3/4" length of square channel steel tubing that fastens behind the main chainwheel of the bicycle, and is firmly clamped with several coaster brake frame clamps along the left chainstay to the left rear dropout (hub), and then extends past the rear dropout past the rear tire of the bike.