Start Book dating guest online site

Book dating guest online site

Duct Tape Marketing – Write for them I’ve only written one guest post for Duct Tape Marketing.

The sites are categorized to some degree, but they’re not in any particular order within the categories. The other categories aren’t as well curated, so tell me if you spot something weird. If there’s a site you think I should add to the list (or something I should remove from it), let me know in the comments. And if you’re serious about learning how to write guest posts that grow your list, check out Marketing sites that accept guest posts.

KISSmetrics – Write for them I write for KISSmetrics quite regularly.

So, even with an introduction, it’s very difficult to get them to even read your post. Mashable – Submit news Mashable is technically a news site. Marketing Profs – Write for them Marketing Profs is a marketing site for marketing professionals. Social Media Examiner – Write for them Social Media Examiner is possibly the top site for social media stuff.