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I remember being really excited about the boxes way back then.

Right now I'm into lots of fun Christmas colors, but I do have a cute flower one at the end of my post I made for my mother-in-law's birthday. I guess if you used wrapping paper you could start with a bigger size. You will need to make one more box to be the bottom if you are using it to hold a gift. Start with a paper the same size as your top box, but before you do any of the steps, cut 1/4" off every side of you paper.

I just always use paper, so 12" x 12" is the largest size I've used. When you flip your box over it will look like this. Now, the thing with these boxes is they come out a lot smaller than the original size of the paper. That way the bottom box will be slightly smaller than your top box and it will slide right into it.

This is the box I made for my mother-in-law's birthday.

I made the top box, the bottom box, and then wrapped yarn around and added a tissue paper flower I'd made. I tried to add a gift tag, but it kind of took the attention away from the cute box, so I opted for stamps.

I went home after class and made box after box after box!

A few years back I started thinking about these cute boxes and wondered if I'd be able to make them again.

I think I'll do this with all my boxes from here on out.