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After many more dates we moved in together and are currently trying to plan out a wedding and trying for our first child.

Face it, you're here because sharing your faith is probably the most important thing to you when searching for that special someone.

Founded in 1997 by a Catholic single like yourself, Catholic is committed to your needs as a Catholic and matching you with authentic Catholic principles, resources and modern dating technologies.

The whole procedure will take about 10 minutes plus the download time (a few minutes on a fast broadband connection).

You now have an unbranded N95 with all the bells and whistles of the original software and without all the advertising and restrictions imposed by your network operator.

So, go to Nokia's website and download and install the Nokia Software Updater.

This will update the phone with the latest version of the firmware and then restart it.

But take solace, brides-to-be, in the fact that even gorgeous celebrities also go through this seemingly never-ending process of dating total jerks to find their one perfect person.