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In 1992 hemlock water dropwort growing wild (the foliage is similar to celery) did kill two foragers.

Herbaceous plants that produce toxic berries, such as the cuckoo pint (arum) could have their flowers removed to stop berries forming. Persuade children to resist nibbling on unknown plants.

Some arums self-seeded into our vegetable garden, and my daughter chewed on a leaf and quickly noticed swelling and burning in her mouth but luckily spat it in time.

They go from green to black and hard as they ripen and are less likely to be eaten.

Ingestion of large quantities can cause severe poisoning.

The news that a gardener in Hampshire collapsed and died of multiple organ failure, apparently as a result of handling aconitum, or aconite, known as the "queen of poisons" will no doubt have worried many.

Otherwise the most reported cases (but not fatalities) are from cuckoo pint (the seductive berries), laburnum, daffodil bulbs, and woody and black nightshade.

It sat outside my back door, and I had wondered if I should move it after John Cushnie recounted the (unsubstantiated) tale of a group of Indians using the wood as kebab sticks and how they all died even though they had only eaten the meat.