Start Consolidating student loans interest

Consolidating student loans interest

There are two options for rates, which include a fixed interest rate that ranges from 3.375% APR to 6.740% APR.

The repayment term length will vary depending on your needs; however, So Fi offers 5-year to 20-year plans for both the fixed and variable interest rate.

There are many different benefits to choosing and working with So Fi to refinance your loans.

These companies are all reputable private or federal companies that accept online applications.

No matter what type of support you need, their customer service team will walk you through the process.

When consolidating and refinancing your student loan, you have the option of a 5, 10, 15, or 20-year repayment term.

Citizens Bank states that they save their customers, on average, $140 per month when they refinance their loans.

Refinancing your student debt is just like your car or home mortgage.