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revival, perhaps none have been met with a more surprising hero’s welcome than Bobby Briggs.

That redemption was a centerpiece of Sunday’s episode, as Bobby and Shelly (Mädchen Amick) try to help their daughter, Becky (Amanda Seyfried), out of a tricky situation.

They get a little flavor of the old I wish it was eligible for Emmy consideration this year! A few of the other cast members told me about different ways David Lynch informed them that the show would be returning. All of my friends and my wife and anybody who knew the show were speculating about what happened to Bobby. Why do you think the audience responded to Bobby so strongly? You’ve had two weeping scenes so far, with Bobby tearing up when he sees Laura Palmer’s photo, and when his mom tells him about the Major’s prophecy for his future. You just gotta put yourself in the situation that the character’s in and do a little imagination about it. It’s always a challenge and always fun to see how it comes out. The crux of the ninth episode hinges on the Major’s message to his son, which can only be opened and deciphered by Bobby. And we’ve lost a lot of people since the beginning. Catherine was really hard for me particularly and everybody else, too. She was a beautiful person and it was devastating for everybody.

I’m not that up in all of that stuff, admittedly, but yeah. What’s the best trick you’ve learned about crying on cue? There’s a little bit of menthol that can be sprayed in your eyes to help you get going. She was one of David’s really dearest friends, and that all went down while we were working. I loved the way that she got to be in it, because she loved the show and being the Log Lady. We were actually working when that all went down, so to see how David worked to ensure she was in it was heart-wrenching. It’s only going to be answered Well, you looked like you had a lot of fun breaking open that metal vial! It’s even more fun having Robert Forster and Michael Horse right next to me. It’s a bummer that Michael Ontkean didn’t return, but Robert is a legend. Is there any chance that Bobby and Shelly’s relationship has survived over the past 25 years?

However, the day-to-day operations of busting the drug trade are soon given a backseat in favor of curious intel about the long-disappeared FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, which comes from a special message via Bobby’s father, Major Garland Briggs, from beyond the grave. It’s been so much fun to see all of the people doing their thing together.

Bobby, and Bobby, can decipher the code that the Major wrote and stored in a chair for safekeeping. She was going from Los Angeles and I was going from New York, and we were texting back and forth when she was getting on the plane. I’m like, “Oh my God, there’s Tim Roth, one of my favorite actors, and he’s just popped up! He was such a fantastic actor and such a fantastic person. When we filmed that diner scene 25 years ago, he made it so much more powerful and he gave me so much to work off of. It was also wonderful to hang out with Don after we wrapped filming, too.

With David, you know that he’s directing from his brain and you just have to serve the story. What is the best bit of direction that David Lynch has ever given you? ” So, he comes to you with all of these ideas, and he’s open to other ideas, even though they’re not as good. And as far as the weirdest direction he ever gave me, he told me to get up on a car and surf, and I did it and loved every second of it.

He can be really abstract in his direction, for sure.

Yep: it turns out Bobby and Shelly at least for a while. Shelly, however, doesn’t seem to have learned from her past mistakes.