Start Dating a catfighter

Dating a catfighter

While the broad political commentary is beyond obvious, the satire of ugly entitlement draws blood, thanks to balls-to-the-wall performances from the adversarial leading ladies.

On the other hand, Ashley has become a successful and wealthy artist now married to Lisa.

Veronica blames Ashley for her downfall, and after another confrontation which leads to another savage cat-fight in a vacant lot, Ashley is the one to end up in a coma and is revived after two years to find her own ...

Veronica and Ashely's paths cross at a party hosted by Veronica's husband, which the two cynical woman's long-buried rivalry comes to the surface which leads to a brutal cat-fight where Veronica ends up in the hospital in a coma.

After two years, Veronica emerges from her coma to learn that both her husband and teenage son are dead, and she is broke with no friends or family.

The best thing about Catfight is that it offers a fairly unique and hard to find change of pace from many of the current crop of teen and young adult comedies. It also boasts performances from Heche and Oh which are not merely good but extraordinary.

Also on the plus side, it moves from a clearly satirical base into one of the most bizarre and (arguably) violent little feuds ever filmed (in the history of the medium) between two female characters who, presumably, should know better."Adults behaving badly" ... No matter how bizarre the character, no matter how over-stretched the script and dialog, these two actresses are fully committed to their portrayals.

in which Liz Lemon traced the contentment of a group of wealthy women acquaintances to them having their own fight club.

That outlet for aggression was a Tupperware party compared to the knock-down-drag-out pounding that Sandra Oh and Anne Heche exchange not once but three times in , indie writer-director Onur Tukel's razor-toothed takedown of obscene privilege in a world indifferent to real pain.

But seething Ashley clearly has no connection to a world that just wants to relax.

The tension extends to her home life with partner Lisa (Alicia Silverstone), whom Ashley insists is the "more masculine" of the two and therefore should be the breadwinner.

It is the job of the reviewer to identify analogs of a story to better compare and contrast the production.