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Dating management system

Also, high-speed cornering is remotely detected using the Speed Alert module.

Additionally, the Position Tracking module provides visualization tools that let you monitor the position of equipment in real time, or run historical reports on equipment position to compare actual movement versus planned movement.

Time Tracking The Time Tracking module tracks the Status and Cycle of equipment. the current activities of equipment, include basic statuses such as Ready, Delay, and Down.

The module tracks travel times for each road segment, and it uses a rolling average to project future travel times.

Also, an objective log of over-speed events is automatically generated and centrally stored.

The DISPATCH© System is engineered to help operators, supervisors, dispatchers, and managers work together to achieve your mine's top-level goals.

Position Tracking The Position Tracking module plots the GPS position of equipment against a map of the mine.

The onboard suspension interface logs instances when the tire experiences rough roads.