Start Dating spark

Dating spark

One of them is: “We are attracted to the familiar whatever the familiar may be.” If all you ever knew from an early age was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive relationships then the brain learns that this normal what it should expect. The toxicity becomes so comfortable that a healthy, supportive, respectful relationship can actually feel uncomfortable, foreign even threatening. We don’t know how to be vulnerable enough to let the “good” in. That being said, it sounds like you have a wonderful man in your life he represents many of the qualities you wish to surround yourself with and that you rightly deserve. You’re mostly happy, but it sounds only halfway there.

In fact, every husband/boyfriend/lover I’ve had through the years has been either a substance abuser, domestic abuser, married or chronically unemployed.

Why can’t you be in a supportive relationship that ALSO has spark? Spark.) Maybe the man you’re with is proof that loving, supportive, good-natured men are out there interested in loving you. When you say no fireworks…what do you mean exactly?

This is proof that you never-ever have to go back to abuse again. Proof that great men are out there you are capable of choosing right.

My question is: Why does it have to be so black white? It’s what the universe wanted you to “get.” There are great men you can choose to be with them. I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how intuition.