Start Form validating after button click vb

Form validating after button click vb

a numeric field contains a non-numeric value, then e. (exactly the same, except my form didn't set Cancel button.) I wonder how you know that my form is dialogue form May be because I have 2 other events for this textbox like Enter event (which will highlight all text in this textbox.) and Key Press Event (use to check whether Enter key is press so I can move my cursor to next control.) I think these two will not effect Validating.

Because checking of duplicate ID is in this Validating event, so I can't set my text Box' Cause Validating to False. First, I want to put in Keyup event but this will call to DB connection every time user press a key. And then I got an idea of when user leave focus of this ID textbox. But what cause problem is when user Key in ID and without do anything and click on Clear or Close button, this Leave event will raise. And now I changed to Validating Event, but it still cause the same problem like Leave event. I used registerbutton.focused to detect button click.

But that's not easy because I have many other buttons.

As new pages are added or existing pages removed, we want to be able to update a single source - the site map - and have those modifications reflected across the site's navigational user interface.

These two tasks - defining the site map and implementing a navigational user interface based on the site map - are easy to accomplish thanks to the Site Map framework and the Navigation Web controls added in ASP. The Site Map framework allows for a developer to define a site map and then to access it through a programmatic API (the class).

Hi all, Can i Know how to catch between these 2 event, Leave and Click? I will go check whether this ID is already exist in DB or not. When I click on Close button while focus is on textbox, this textbox Leave Event will trigger first before Button Click event. When the user tries to move focus from one control to another, first the system checks whether the control receiving focus causes validation. If the control passes validation then the Validated event is raised, then Leave event is raised. ) You must be doing something wrong but it's not possible to say what from your description.

So, the form remains open without trigger Button Click event. You can also force the Validating and Validated events to be raised by calling Validate Children on the form. I assure you, if your Button's Causes Validation property is set to False then clicking it will not raise a Validating event on the Text Box. What I meant was that, if you have set Causes Validation to False and setting focus to that control still causes the previous control to be validated then there must be some other factor at play. | MSDN Data Walkthroughs VBForums Database Development FAQ My Code Bank Submissions: VB | C# My Blog: Data Among Multiple Forms (3 parts) Beginner Tutorials: VB | C# | SQL Hi all, I know this thread is old, but as the explanations from jmcilhinney are very complete and right, I used his advices after suffering from using Leave event.

It fires only if there is no break before ; so it seems the click event is programmed to raise after a fixed delay after Validating event?

- I modified the validationdemo of jmcilhinney (see attached file) by adding 2 listboxes, one register all events and I was suprised to notice that after clicking the Cancel button, we have Cancel click event and no textbox validating event, as specified, But, if then we click on another control like Listbox1, the textbox validating event occurs!

Let's create those pages and then a site map file tutorial, this is useful in pages where we do not want to display login-related options in the left column.

For these five pages, however, we want to show the master page's default markup for the Content control.

Can I know how to prevent this textbox leave event or how can i catch/control this situation? You should be handling the Validating event rather than the Leave event. If I keyin some data in text Box and didn't go anywhere just directly click on Close button, it still go to Validating event which cause the message box to pop up if same ID is found in Database. This allows you to validate controls that have never been visited and have therefore never raised a Leave event. Try entering different values and then leaving the Text Box in different ways to see the behaviour. Even using Validating event, I still had problems with Causesvalidation property ; I solved and give you my solution but first I wrote this post because I found some strange side effects on these events.