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Often times the bathing girls are not usually this cute, Mui was an exception I think.

The only downside of this experience is that it's done in the open in the pool area.

When it was announced I am taking them both I heard collective gasps from other girls in the room, even #318 stopped texting & gave me a long look.

The room downstairs was small but adequate for the job; the soapy shower room was separated from the bedroom by a glass partition.

Back in Macao for 1 night, it has been 2 years since last visit to this great little city.

I Checked into the president hotel next door around 4 pm on Tuesday.

Unfortunately she looked very disinterested & not once walked around to say Hi or talk with the customers, instead was busy texting or chatting with her friends.

I gave her a few looks but she just glanced over me.

Several of the customers called for lineup & I got a close look at the girls but was unimpressed.