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The DJ Lewisham Lil seemed elderly to me at the time but still filled the dance floor.

I worked in the Colt at 6 Berwick Street early 1981 until late 1982.

It was a fun time and a very exciting place for a young guy in his mid twenties to find himself.

It must have been the first club in London to be smoke free, a small outside courtyard area to the rear was for Smoking. Just wanted to share my memories of a few places that do not seem to have been mentioned. This used to be a great small bar that had a slightly seedy atmosphere.

Was always nusy especially on a Saturday night,with the postage stamp sized dancefloor heaving.

It was a traditional pub with a pool room, disco room and an outside bar and garden.

At the time, about 1981, I lived in Kent and when The Ship Inn in Rochester closed on a Friday evening at 2300 a whole convoy of cars made their way up the A2.

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