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Even as he moved through the ranks of the church, His Holiness never stopped pursuing formal education getting joint degrees in pharmaceutical engineering, business administration and Christian education.

His Holiness's life has always revolved around church since his youth; he wished to live the life of monasticism. Pishoy in Wadi Elnatroun on August 20th, 1986 and remained a brother for two years. Specialized Clinics:  General and Endoscopic surgery  Pediatrics & Neonatal (well baby clinic, vaccinations,  Chronic Diseases Clinic (Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver Diseases, HIV/AIDS Management, Auto-immune diseases, Heart Diseases, )  Orthopedics (Arthritis, Trauma, Accidents  Pediatric  Cardiology. The program goes beyond the traditional awareness campaigns, to an active program aimed at fighting AIDS-related stigmas by providing real options for life.

He was ordained a monk on July 31, 1988 and after a year he was ordained a priest on December 23, 1989. • In Nairobi’s industrial area, where the Hope Center is the only comprehensive AIDS/HIV clinic, the staff has already provided one day training, and Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) to over 800 workers from the factories.

D., including a belief in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in Jesus Christ who took human flesh, died and rose to save us from sin and death; that in His second coming He will judge all and His Heavenly kingdom will be forever; in one universal, apostolic church and; in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.

The church believes in seven sacraments which are mysteries through which the Holy Spirit imparts grace to the believers. John 3:5 Chrismation (or anointing with oil) 1 John ............

To do this, the mission has developed a number of female-focused initiatives that aim to facilitate change in cultural perceptions that have historically limited their opportunities.

By teaching women how to deliver home-based care, by training them to become HIV/AIDS community educators and by equipping them with the tools to deliver these community health services, Coptic Mission has witnessed the transformed image that women carry in their communities.

The church continues to vibrantly pursue these traditions by implementing various programs and services aimed at providing education, training and medical care to communities facing hardship in order to encourage sustainable development. OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY CLINIC Monday - Friday from 9am- 5Pm, and Saturday 10am- 1Pm.