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Guy ritchie dating

With no Strictly rehearsals to go to, ASTON MERRYGOLD was also ­spotted at the festive event in Hyde Park.

They decided to give them a bit of a talking to, just to make sure their behaviour doesn’t spiral out of control.” Last year X Factor bosses had to give contestants a sit-down chat about the birds and the bees after the boot camp descended into chaos as boozed-up contestants copped off with each other in luxury hot tubs.

The contestants clearly think they’re on Love Island, not a singing contest.

Producers fear heavy drinking among the talent show hopefuls is becoming a ­problem.

“They’ve been trying to keep their romance under wraps but their feelings for each other have become pretty clear to cast and crew.

And one wannabe even ­disappeared all night on a bender after a long day rehearsing for live shows.

A show insider said: “The older contestants have been going out of their minds being cooped up in the X Factor house – so have been hitting the booze at every opportunity.

Rita has been busy working on her second album, which is due out over the next few months – five years after she released her debut album, Ora.