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Men also try to find work to bring in a modicum of income. On average the father works 56 hours a week (when he can find work) and the mother works 84 hours doing chores around the home.

Poor women cannot afford to abstain from paid labor, and they work alongside their menfolk in the fields and at construction projects.

In low-status families, women are less likely than high-status women to unquestioningly accept the authority of men and even of elders because they are directly responsible for providing income for the family. [Source: September 20, 2013 //] Parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins often share the same house or live in the same neighborhood.

In general, the higher the status of a family, the less likely its members are to engage in manual labor and the more likely its members are to be served by employees of lower status.

The females lived behind closed doors - “within the four walls” environs.

[Source: Library of Congress *] According to Hindu law a son may demand legal partition and take his share of ancestral property at any time.

Among some castes this can not take place unless the father agrees to it. In their adult years, men and women engage in a wide variety of tasks and occupations strongly linked to socioeconomic status, including caste membership, wealth, place of residence, and many other factors.

Gradually, as the years pass, members of the younger generation take the place of the older generation and become figures of authority and respect.