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That was certainly the message execs hammered home during the 2017 UK and Ireland SAP User Group conference, held in Birmingham last week. This is repeated time and again in our internal discussions," Mike Slater, managing director for UK and Ireland, told the audience.

Because customers, having had their eyes opened to the size of the fines, are wary that their wallets will follow suit – and have declined SAP's offer to "engage with them" over their licensing concerns, prompting the biz to go so far as to set up an anonymous help centre.

So SAP seems to be on something of a PR offensive with its users: it's the company of trust, of empathy; of putting the user first.

The job of the tracker is to read the location from the GPS receiver, possibly also read some sensors, and then format and send a telemetry sentence to the ground over a low power radio link.

"There's a pent-up requirement for knowledge," he said.

They mean customers can be charged for any system that connects, even indirectly, to data stored on SAP systems.

SAP is by no means unique in its decision to enforce its licensing rules, but – as experts warned at the time – it's now facing the repercussions.

Speaking to journalists at the conference, Zeine acknowledged there is "angst and anxiety" around licensing, but said that the firm was working to build trust, by being open in both its policies and the way it behaves.