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At the end of Grade 8, she was selected as one of the leading pupils across the Bridge network and was accepted to join the prestigious Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School in Georgia, USA in January 2016.

Here are some of the ways we do that: grew up in Kenya, in the mid-sized Kiisi municipality.

She remembers being pulled out of as many as six different elementary schools by her mother by the time she was in 5th grade, for reasons that still bring her close to tears: teachers who called her “stupid” in front of her mother; beatings with cane rods; being made to sit outside for getting an answer wrong.

She was awarded a scholarship to secondary school and left home, knowing that now both she and her grandmother had a different and better future ahead of them.

Godfrey Baguma has used his fame after he was thrust into the limelight after winning the competition searching for Uganda’s most unusual man.

He continued: “I was mending my shoes and a man who worked in entertainment asked me to take part in a show.“Now I’ve got friends.

People call me to go to their shows and give me money.

She returned to Ongata Rongai for the summer and tutored pupils at her old academy.