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Midsummer night dating

Esther knows she should be having the time of her life, but she feels deadened.

The farther the Sun is below the horizon, the dimmer the twilight (other things such as atmospheric conditions being equal).

When the Sun reaches 18 degrees below the horizon, the twilight's brightness is nearly zero, and evening twilight becomes nighttime.

Esther and the other girls suffer food poisoning after a fancy banquet.

Esther attempts to lose her virginity with a UN interpreter, but he seems uninterested.

Esther becomes more unstable than ever after this terrifying treatment, and decides to kill herself.

She tries to slit her wrists, but can only bring herself to slash her calf.

She tries to hang herself, but cannot find a place to tie the rope in her low‑ceilinged house.

At the beach with friends, she attempts to drown herself, but she keeps floating to the surface of the water.

Esther wonders if she should marry and live a conventional domestic life, or attempt to satisfy her ambition.

Buddy Willard, her college boyfriend, is recovering from tuberculosis in a sanitarium, and wants to marry Esther when he regains his health.

She becomes friends with Joan, a woman from her hometown and college who has had experiences similar to Esther’s.