Start Mom son dating sex

Mom son dating sex

" "It really doesn't matter to me and it's a huge bed.

I sat up thinking "this sucks, I'm dunk, horny, and can't sleep." This is when I noticed that the t-shirt mom was wearing had ridden up to her chest and she was laying there exposed from the chest down.

I attempted to pull the t-shirt down but instead I pulled it up, so I could see her tits.

Get ready and let's go have some fun." Mom and I went down to the casino to play the slots.

Then mom asked "should we head to the bar, so you can have your first legal drink?

Mike, bad news they screwed up the reservation and there's no other rooms available.

Do you want to try and see if another hotel has a room with two beds?

You noticed I said first legal, not your first dink, right?

Did you think I didn't know when you used to go out drinking with your friends when you were a teenager? " I ordered a beer and mom got drink I never heard of before.

Mom didn't move except for the deep breath she took.

My mind was racing now, I don't know if it was the alcohol, or if I was just horny with a throbbing hard on but she looked incredibly sexy.

I don't recall her having a long-term boyfriend or dating much. " Then I gave her a huge hug and it got awkward for a moment because we both held each other a little too long.