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The phone receiver was still at my ear and I wanted to tell Bo to have Rocco come pick me up at the Brookville Country Club, but I couldn't get my lips to move. I stared at the shiny metal face of the pay phone and cocked my head to the side, trying to find my own reflection … It's also one of the reasons they're so dangerous — a quaalude overdose can result in coma or even death.

If your baby is still not tolerating labor well or shows other signs of fetal distress that aggressive therapy has not corrected, your doctor or midwife may decide that you need to discuss an operative delivery depending on how far away you are from a vaginal delivery.

Meconium that is light is not as much of a risk to your baby, nor is it as likely to be a sign of fetal distress, but rather the maturation of your baby.

There are thicker quantities of meconium that can also be present, including one level that is so thick they refer to it as pea soup, both in consistency and because of the greenish shade of meconium. If there is meconium present in labor, in addition to watching for signs of fetal distress, like more intense monitoring, your doctor or midwife may also decide to do an amnioinfusion in cases where there is poor fetal monitoring.

Our board certified clinicians are trained to treat pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and the elderly allowing us to treat the entire family.

Our services include, but are not limited to, diagnostic evaluation, medication treatment and management, psychotherapy, education, and CBT. The entire staff has been great and very professional. Tolin was able to diagnosis a problem that others misdiagnosed for years.

Amnioinfusion is where sterile fluid is placed inside the uterus via a catheter to help dilute the meconium.

It also can be used to add to the amniotic fluid volume.

Yet Cosby acknowledged that he got seven prescriptions from a Los Angeles doctor for quaaludes, lab-produced pills that act to suppress the central nervous system, which slows heart rate and can make users feel relaxed or sedated.