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Then I leaned back for a few seconds in admiration, pulling open the bum cheeks, and burying my finger in the red lane.

"There," said she, "I swear I will never do it again," and she wouldn't that night. I would not go with her again until she promised, and soon her posturing was part of my evening's amusement.

We used to attitudinize before the looking glass, laugh at our postures, and say what money men would give to see us two naked together.

"Champagne and lewedness did it, Sarah." As she still refused, I put down the money and was going away, when, "Don't go without poking me, I'll do it." Twenty minutes after-wards, altho sulkily, there she was, one toe against a metal shelf, I naked with a cock upright now looking at her gaping quim, now peeping under her buttocks, now looking at the reflection of our naked bodies in the glasses.

I made her throw up her leg and catch the toe, and as with an effort she did so, out slipped a little fart.

There I made her do a little fantastic fucking, as well as posturing, when the following occurred.

I suppose that having got money by supplying me with a youthful virgin, she wanted another bonus, and became the temptress.

My senses recovered, I sat down on the bed again, keeping my doodle as close into her cunt as I could, and passing one hand round to her belly felt her clitoris, till my prick came out of its pool, and the lascivious junction was over.