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When Eamon dies they could put a revolving headstone on his grave - philosopher on one side, bullshitter on the other.

An authentic connection to the island irrespective of creed, code or colour. This article is not about Eamon Dunphy, but he does appear in it a few times.

As contrarians, do we agree with each other on what we say or think or should we automatically disagree by nature?

The All Blacks should have won yesterday but regressed due to a feral combination of courage and resilience from their opponents - celebrate!

The All Blacks have not lost a Test match in Eden Park since 1994, so a draw there is just cause to be happy.

A low-quality game between two sides in a rivalry which has become just a little tiresome. Attitude is one thing; aptitude is what we expect in a match where there are so many quality players.

This one is supposed to be for the carnivores - Leinster versus Munster - you know blood, meat cleavers, a little bit of barely-disguised hatred.

One arrived yesterday, an unlikely victory but one that will cleanse the soul of predictable torpor where it was unquestionably going. One of the most galling things about last Saturday's Test match was that the All Blacks decided to play 'Warrenball'.

They didn't do it to mock us; they did it because they weren't sure how good the Lions were. A scoreline that does not even come close to reflecting the gulf in class.

The circus folded tents over two-and-a-half months ago and we are all struggling for cause and effect after a drawn series.

I'm not sure who was responsible for building those old dressing rooms in Stradbrook, perhaps a long lost cousin once removed from the Marquis de Sade.

Takudzwa Ngwenya was certainly the first Travelling Wilbury who brought the rugby tourist concept home to me.