Start Questions to ask a boy dating your daughter

Questions to ask a boy dating your daughter

Merry, as our daughter is only 6 we haven't had experience with this yet but I'm really glad that you've brought this up because it's something I wonder and think about when that were to come. I'm constantly wondering how this is going to play out for her.

My daughter with Turner Syndrome fantasizes about dating and relationships quite frequently.

It's something that is constantly on her mind even though she's just a bit younger than your daughter.

I think that's true for everyone and I think for everyone it kind of feels like rejection which can be especially hard for our girls.

With my TS daughter in particular she has ruminating thoughts and can really obsess over things and constantly think about them over and over again.

I'm just praying that she can let this fixation go.

This boy who is a part of her friend group is always in the picture because he is a part of their group chats and outings.

It's really hard for her to let go and just accept something for how it really is.