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I figured I could just as easily send my disks straight to a book manufacturer." The new economic game, as Tetel puts it, is "disin- termediation," or the elimination of the mid- dleman.

VOLUME 86 NUMBER 1 Cover: An abbreviated history of the printed word-from a fifteenth-century, hand-illuminated / In 1991, the year after the first super-book- stores emerged, independents accounted for 32.5 percent of book sales.

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'63; Michael Milstein '88; Ann Pelham 74; Michael J. OT^independent bookstores, the pressure is coming from two directions — not just the online or- dering services, but also superstores like Barnes & Noble.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: $15 per year ($30 foreign) 1 'hi L' \Lii[u:ine. Within six years, their market share had dipped to 17 percent.

will make you jf these I believe repared '—'iottftsjm Mmkanmi ' than I v**«fittl taytcvn le the ii the ams had a r Cn U 5tionship m f eloped 01 h M ° o 'not,ie and thei jthartjstic c re gjonal H selrbou . '88 ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Sam Hull FEATURES EDITOR: Kim Koster SCIENCE EDITOR: Dennis Meredith PUBLISHER: M. And entrepreneurs respond by generating a "boutique movement," whereby specialty sup- pliers steal market share from traditional mass merchandisers.

, , iiart;ndlan d and ult Adam TRANSITION The latest w VUKE NOVEMBER- DECEMBER 1999 EDITOR: Robert J. Laney Funderhurkjr.'60 CLAY FELKER MAGAZINE FELLOW: Scott Meisler '00 STUDENT INTERNS: Neeta Bidwai '01 Jaime Ramirez '02 DESIGN CONSULTANT: Mil N C Ticiphic Design PRINTER: Progress Printing OFFICERS, DUKE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: Gwynne A. PRESIDENTS, SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS: Arnetta E. Through technology, in Tetel's view, writers can control the production of their work for the first time since Gutenberg.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from Duke University Libraries DUKE NEW YORK NETWORKING FRESHMAN FOUNDATIONS mm. Tetel, an associate professor of English at Duke and a scholar of linguistics, writes DUKE MAGAZINE romance novels; two of them, Swept Away and The Blue Hour, are studio-published.

UUtl Sll Ollt Ctluliltf.* \ TTomtuf Dicitto CAN SOCCER SCORE? -;«u BEA ' "■(/i' , URE rait tetpntfa Rti J^ependenc OMt UUfl E BEAUTY OF WSfifcafc Staybeca « w „ n , fferf-CTURE DELIVI s^^u £ra&ft whic F ,t: Wa S n C nr M-^,ivrn RRT«; axrttr- n^^Q&mf. On her website, she solicits "talented writers to join us in our studio"; she aims for "discerning readers who are looking for fresh stories from new voices, who demand great writing, and who appreciate excellent editing and copy- editing along with top-notch design and materials." She says she is responding to those "who are looking for books that take creative risks commercial publishers can no longer afford." Her imprint for works of fiction is Madeira Books, named for an island territory of Portugal off the coast of Africa; her nonfic- tion imprint is Generation Books, geared to women's life experiences.

Andrews '60; Debra Blum '87; Sarah Hardesty Bray 72; Nancy L. It also added more seating areas, where those patrons can comfortably take in reading fare; especially on the weekends, Campbell says, the store becomes "a community living room." Parents grab their children, grab some books, and engage in a reading exercise — and purchases, of course, often follow.

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD: Clay Felker '51, chairman; Frederick F. The store now includes the Java Cafe, a franchised food service that tempts patrons with coffee concoctions, pastries, and quick lunches.

Tom Campbell '70, co-owner of The Regulator Book- shop in Durham, says the nearby superstore had an impact on his customers that wasn't long-lasting.