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Scottish scottish dating agency

friends are equally as good, I like good in depth conversations and some intelligent chat but I'm happy with a good laugh and carry on. I'm sure there people out there want to learn British sign language! I am caring, kind, considerate and see the person inside as that's equally as important as the person on the outside.

I lack in common sense time to time and can be really stupid..

i used to blame that on my foreigness but after 8 years of living in scotland its not socially acceptable to use that Hi there, been a mature student for a few years, just finished my Post Grad Degree wahey!!!

Looking for someone genuine to Here's a slightly more insightful version of my last profile - 'slightly' being the operative word.

Well, I'm not a native of Edinburgh, I was born in Madrid and lived there for 3 years, but I grew up on an island off the north african coast Where to start...

I´m a trainee lawyer who is nowhere near as serious as her job suggests! My friends would tell you I´m a bit shy, generous and that I make them laugh. I like to just enjoy my spare Despite My Mind My Body Is Sitll Curious That headline basically describes me at the moment, if you can tell me what the next line is, or even where it's from, then maybe we will be a good match. Looking for companionship and whatever else may or may not come from it.

I´m a little shy to begin with, and have never been the girl confident enough to make the first move, especially in person. I'll be honest and say that until now I've rejected my lesbianism since it has brought me a lot of pain having fallen for a succession of straight Im pretty easy going when you get to know me.

Trying to find places to meet Scottish single Christians?