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Seinfeld elaine dating

She decides she'll shake things up during an upcoming trip to New York by sleeping with an extremely confident**—and very neurotic—**club comedian she once met, named Jerry.

"The Seinfeld Chronicles"Laura is a professor of political science at Michigan State University.

After being awarded tenure, Laura has a panic attack about how she is wasting her life in East Lansing, when what she really wants to do is write pop-history books about America's First Ladies.

Episode 142 Transcript by Ethan Brown % Jerry and George are sitting outside.

George: Say you, me, and Kramer are, uh, flying over the Andes.

" A couple of days later, Jerry shows up outside Vanessa's workplace.

He's very clearly stalking her, and it's very objectively creepy, but Vanessa agrees to go out with him anyway.

Jerry: Now why would a junior high school want to screw with my head?