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Complete, it must have been slightly larger than life-size.

They come from two Ancient Egyptian cities that once stood at the mouth of the Nile: Thonis-Heracleion, which was a commercial hub, and Canopus, a centre for the worship of Egyptian gods.

Until their discovery in the 1990s, the two cities had lain submerged under the sea since the eighth century AD.

Guests reclined--not around a table--but a large pool of water on which plates of food floated. This is Antonia Minor, the mother of Claudius, and the niece of the first emperor Augustus. This is one of the great surviving examples of a Roman maritime villa.

150 miles south of Rome…the coastal city offered spectacular ocean views… This is where Rome’s elite could come searching for Otium – that is leisure.

In a major new exhibition, ‘Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds’, around 250 objects recently excavated from the Mediterranean Sea will be displayed alongside fascinating objects from major Egyptian museums, on show for the first time in the UK.

The artefacts, which include sacred statues, ritual objects and gold jewellery, were uncovered by a team of underwater archaeologists using groundbreaking technologies.

With the slender body and that pronounced S curve and weight shift.