Start Texas dating scam

Texas dating scam

(I know; red flag.) “He even called me, calling me ‘Mom’ a few times,” she says.

As for Firefly, she now refuses to date anyone she doesn’t meet the old-fashioned way, face to face.

WHEN I CONTACTED THIS GROUP OF ENTITIES, THEIR REPRESENTATIVE TOLD ME IT WAS NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Then she wouldn't answer anything else and she said that I'm not a good client after all and that their service wasn't for me and she just hung up on me.

SHE SAID ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS GIVE ME A NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, AND WHATEVER HAPPENED FROM THERE WAS NOT THERE PROBLEM. I hope no one else goes through this process without making sure they are a real and reliable service.

According to Mayes, they’ve handled more than 14,000 such cases in the past three years. Go deactivate all your social media accounts,” he says.

In Mays’ experience, romance scammers typically target 30 to 40 people a day, and will eventually move on to easier prey if they encounter resistance.

SO FAR THIS GROUP INCLUDES WILLIAM BROADBENT, VALERIE BROADBENT, TEXAS SINGLES, LOUISIANA SINGLES, VIP SINGLES INC. From what I am reading online from customers, they scammed them out of money and did not provide a service to them. I talked to Robert at the Austin branch in November.

Beware of Sandra and the Texas Singles matchmakers!!! During a 45 minute interview he asks me about my arrest record.

Five years ago, he and a small team of international volunteers, including Firefly, created Scam Survivors, a hotline and information resource center for victims of online scams — mostly, as it turns out, romance scams. “With the romance scam, it could be someone who's been married for a number of years.