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Shows range from performance arts to dramatics and concerts. On the northern side of Tuzla’s old town at the end of pedestrianised Korzo is Kapija, a large green gate with a beautiful exterior built by the Austrians. The Serb Orthodox Cathedral, or Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God, is an onion-domed church dating back to 1926.

Unfortunately, due to erosion from salt mining, sinkholes developed below the old town. Tuzla’s historical centre may very well have an expiry date in the not so distant future.

Korso is the main pedestrianised street lined with colourful Austro-Hungarian buildings that join to the old town.

Pannonica, or the main lake, has better beaches and a series of cascades and swimming areas.

For this reason, the Mosque is one of Tuzla’s most photographed spots.

Turalibeg’s Mosque is a national monument of Bosnia and an incredible attraction for fans of Ottoman architecture. Tuzla’s National Theatre is a famous monument and cultural centre, which opened in 1949 to replace an earlier 19th-century Austrian one.

Theatre season lasts from early September until July, which is longer than others in Bosnia and around the globe.

Because of the mosque’s location on silt, the building began to sink and underwent restoration in 2007.