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In Device Manager, find the device you want to block updates for.

You could go big and simply prevent Windows from downloading updates altogether, or you might have luck blocking or hiding updates.

On the right, find the “Prevent installation of devices that match any of these devices IDs” item and double-click it.

In the policy window, select the “Enabled” option and then click the “Show” button.

But if you’ve got the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows, you can tailor your actions a little better by using Group Policy Editor to prevent the installation or updating of specific devices.

And of course, we have a caveat for you right off the bat: setting a policy to disable updates for a device prevents both automatic and manual updates of drivers for that device.

It just won’t be able to install them, instead reporting an installation error in the Windows Update window.

This won’t get in the way of other updates being successfully installed and you can always hide that particular update if you’d rather not see it in Windows Update at all.

And if you’re collecting IDs for multiple devices, put them in different sections and label them so you can tell which IDs go with which device.