Start Vb6 turn off screenupdating

Vb6 turn off screenupdating

If it is any use to you, I have written applications that use both ASCII and HEX , and have made my own routines for converting between DECIMAL, HEX, and ASCII as well as a converter for floating decimal.regards, Richard I realize this is an old thread, but I am trying to do the same thing.

Cheapcom is brilliant if you just want to do what they offer in the text I posted above. In my time today, I managed to figure out enough to put the Cheap Comm on a form, and call it as you show.

You have to remember that these objects only run from a form. My problem now seems to be something with the controller connected to the port, or Cheap Commm isn't written correctly.

For example, a timer can be used to poll the serial port using Get Num Bytes().