Start What if your friend is dating your crush

What if your friend is dating your crush

There’s always a next time to talk to your crush for longer. If you’re walking in front of your crush or walking past them, *accidentally* drop something of little value like a pen or a piece of paper.

Comment on something your crush comments on, as long as both of you have a common friend.

You don’t need to answer your crush directly, just be seen by them.

It should be brief and quick, and should be just long enough to make both of you feel like acquaintances. The easiest way to chat up a crush is by asking them for help.

If you notice your crush standing nearby, pretend like you’re looking for something, a book or a particular person.

Use these 8 ways to initiate a conversation with your crush.

You can use just one of these tips, or use many of them.

Your crush will surely check your facebook page and try to get to know more about you.