Start What is it with interracial dating

What is it with interracial dating

That why thair is so many different shades of African Americans because we are all Americans and all of us is mixed somewhere down the line. Firstly, your number one man or woman should be black.

They are more obsessed about their interracial love than learning the truth.

Not to mention, their obsession with having mixed children. would you like to see white people a minority in britain as a whole ? and do you want some revenge against white people ! White people are in denial of many things so l expose them.

Everything is always black people's fault, yet the the people who are responsible for the suffering of blacks and nobody holds them accountable for anything.

They get away with what they have done and still doing.

So yes black people should not whatsoever be dating whites because to this day, whites are still oppressing blacks. Firstly, your number one man or woman should be black.

If you don't see this it's because you're sleeping. Secondly, if you happen to like someone outside then be prepared to talk about White Supremacy and racism against blacks before anything. Some blacks in India are being killed simply for their skin colour!

Your average interracial couple consists of a racist white man or woman, then you have a coon black man or woman.

Your average black person in a interracial relationship is only in it because they believe having a white man or woman makes them 'special'.

Yet you sit here and say, 'I only date or prefer white men or women'? We share the same suffering blacks, shouldn't we date our own only!??

Amen to this If only more black people would listen.

All this slavery propaganda stories to stop going with people who they love is getting old and tired.