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Who is colbie caillat dating 2016

He again worked with Nashville Producer, Adam Smith, on many of the tracks.

Reeves accepted and flew out to Los Angeles, California, with the intention of recording and coming back to Iowa.

Reeves arrived in California around February 2005 and met with Blue to begin recording songs.

“It goes from really stripped-down acoustic to full band.

There’s a couple things on there that I’ve never tried before, but for the most part it’s a return to the way I have been doing it all along — just the acoustic, organic feel.” The second promotional released song from Songs Are Silent Films is "You're My Best Friend" and was released on April 17.

He co-wrote many songs with Caillat, most notably the songs "Bubbly", "Realize" and "I Never Told You".

"Bubbly" has been Reeves most successful work to date, hitting #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, #5 on the Hot 100 Reeves works as a solo artist and also as a co-writer with other artists, including Australian artist Lenka, with whom he wrote "The Show".

These two albums, Makeshift Aircraft (2003) and Nervous Mind of Love (2004), were sold at his shows as well as on independent, online music seller

Around late 2004/early 2005 he was contacted by California producer Mikal Blue who was interested in working together.

After the release of the Blue-produced EP Hearts Are Magnets in 2006, Caillat and Reeves kept composing and posting songs to Myspace. Caillat was gaining traction and attention with her music on Myspace, leading her to be declared the No. The song "Realize", which featured vocals by Reeves, also performed well on the charts.

Reeves and Caillat would eventually win three ASCAP awards for these two songs.

Shortly after arriving, Blue introduced Reeves to a young female singer he was working with, Colbie Caillat.