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Who is dating who on twilight

It was a ridiculous endeavor, to say the least, but we were standing at the bar waiting to be directed to our seats by the flamboyant moderator of the event.

A stammering idiot wasn't generally attractive to the male of the species."Eh, you have six minutes free, and I'm guessing after the loser parade, you'd appreciate a decent guy to talk to.

Yep, the desperation was as thick as the make-up on the redhead to my left. I have an older brother, but we're not close at all. " I was sure it would definitely turn him off, so I went with it."I have four sisters and two brothers. Any girl I become involved with would be expected to meet my family and spend time with them. That's a pretty busy profession," he observed as he stared at my chest, the ass."Yes, it is will be, if I can get a job.

Drinks were delivered to the women, and when the bell rang again, the men took their seats. I work at a premium men's clothing store, as you can probably tell. I don't know how much time I'd be able to commit to a relationship because I'm determined to put my career first, but you know, it's nice to meet people." I could see him cringe at me and look around, waiting for that damn bell as much as me.

That didn't exactly make me warm up to him, and when he handed me a card with his contact information to go with the three others I had, along with the dollar-bill from Edward, he seemed smug and determined I'd contact him because we had a profession in common. It wasn't an angel getting its wings…it was me getting a fucking reprieve.

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