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Who is jeffery donovan dating

If we were both in charge, I would love a deeper insight into Michael's past, that's for me. GA: I'm quite happy with Fiona's enigmatic state of being.

Jeffrey Donovan: I got hooked on the voiceover, the first page is a voiceover, it says, "You know what it's like to be a spy?

" I love the idea that not only do I get to play a spy, I get to play a burn spy, and on top of that, I can talk to the audience about what it's like being a spy.

SF: Are you happy with where you guys have ended up with your characters and where would you like to see them go in the future?

JD: I know from talking with all the other cast mates, we're very happy with where it's going.

And when Michael and Gilroy meet it seems like they're kind of coiled vipers waiting to strike at each other.

How is working with him added to the show during the season?

I met with the writers last week and we kind of broke down the next eight or nine episode ark. I don't know the name yet, but he is going to be a young operative, but he's going to play a significant new role on the show.

Then there is actually going to be a change of management.

When I first met Matt Nix, who created and wrote the script, I actually said to him, you must have a remarkable relationship with your wife, because you have such incredible insight.

So that was what intrigued me about playing a character.

There's nothing more inspiring than to have to pull everything you have out of your back pocket on the stage.