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" Mysterio responds with a smile of his own as he moves around her. I might be convinced if you give me a right good seeing to as we say over here..." Howard gives him a wink as she gets up to her hands and knees before turning her head forward to the other man involved in this.

"Me and Eddie had a match of the year way back in WCW... And we're going to tear the roof off with this feud now. Even if they've suggested some weird stuff for later on in the storyline..." He adds with a chuckle. The smile on her face shows she loves what she sees as she wastes no time in pulling her tight top up and over her head, releasing her huge and juicy breasts. Not that I'm complaining or anything..." He adds with a big smile. You sure know how to handle some action..." The master of the Shooting Star Press says as he watches the gorgeous glamour model eagerly suck away on his shaft, leaving it covered with her saliva as she handles more than half of his size but isn't stopping at that, pushing her head down further with a groan as she slides in more of his nicely thick inches into her oral hole.

"No offense, but you guys looked to be hurt but here you're not, and you're not exactly huge, muscled up guys either..." She questions, putting her hands on her hips. " She shamelessly moans out, even being heard while muffled by the rod she's taking deep past her soft lips, swiftly and with force bobbing back and forth along the shaft in front of her while keeping up an intense bouncing motion on the hunk underneath her as her large breasts shake in time with the rest of her.

Zum Auftakt dieser großen 3-Länderreise durch Namibia, Simbabwe und mit Schwerpunkt Botswana erleben Sie die legendären Victoria Wasserfälle.

"Sounds like something that would fit in the papers I pose for..." "You're not gonna kiss and tell on us, are you mami?

If seeing those big tits wasn't enough to make the handsome grapplers grin, seeing her quickly sink down to her knees in front of them both and take a hold of their cocks sure does, her palms soon going to work stroking them both off of as she licks her lips, clearly turned on by seeing a pair of the biggest dicks she's ever laid eyes on. " Her moans are muffled as both handsome and talented sports entertainers continue to squeeze and play with her large breasts as she sucks and stokes them both, her hard nipples showing she's getting off on this as much as they both are, and only encouraging her to carry on pleasuring the two men she's only met moments before. You sure you're just here to promote a book, or a newspaper or whatever? Lifting her head away, Sophie smirks up at both of them.

"Well lads, I think I'd better make it up to you for judging you on your size..." The gorgeous glamour model says playfully before she leans her head in, planting a kiss across the tip of London's cock before doing the same to Mysterio's, giving him a swirl around the head with her tongue before she moves across and delivers the same treatment to the other hunk's bell end. Fuck me, this are huge..." She seems to be in awe of their size as well as turned on, soon parting her lips in order to take Rey's dick inside to make him moan as she starts to bob her head along his length, keeping him steady with a pumping hand along the base while her other palm carries on jerking off the other man as she focuses on dishing out an "oral apology" for doubting what they were packing. Damn, do you do this with every guy you make fun off? " He adds with a smile as now switches over, taking his shaft into her nicely warm and wet mouth and proceeding to blow him with perfectly timed and paced motions up and down on his inches, letting him feel her nicely full lips grazing back and forth along his size while her hand grips and twists the base and her other hand now works to jerk off the other WWE stud. Mmmmm..." Howard groans around the cock in her mouth as she sucks away on him, her dark raven-hair swaying from the effort she's putting into blowing him, already applying a nice layer of her saliva onto his rod from the repeated, smooth motion while at the same time rubbing her spit into the cock of the other wrestler standing beside him with quick strokes of her hand up and down. "Oh, so you just fuck any girl who comes along here huh? Mmmm..." The regular in many British "Lad's Mags" can't help herself but give into this handsome studs and their huge dicks, her head bobbing quickly on the cock in front of her as she places her hands onto London's hips for support, and keeps on rocking back on her knees against the thrusts coming into her tight pussy.

And elsewhere as well..." He adds with a smile and a moan, watching her thick and sexy ass cheeks shake when he pumps up into her snatch and their bodies collide as she drops down with speed, giving the stunningly curved beauty the kind of fucking she deserves to make her moan out herself as her big tits bounce away and she continues to work herself between the two WWE hunks.